Executive Board

Members of the Executive Committee

  1. Mr. Sanjay Balasundaram - President (CEO & Co-Founder-The Light House Organization - India`s Leading Life Skills Experts)

  2. Mr. George Koshi - Treasurer (Chairperson, Koshi & Koshi Chartered Accountants, New Delhi)

  3. Mr. Rabindran Shelley - Member (Country Director, World Relief)

  4. Mr. Ratan Gurtoo - Member (Chartered Accountant partner- A.K.Kar & Company)

  5. Ms .Anju Vyas - Member (Librarian, Centre for Women’s Development Studies, New Delhi)

  6. Ms .Monimita Sircar - Member (Executive Director, KW Conferences Pvt Ltd and one of the first volunteers)

  7. Ms. Pramila Balasundaram - Founder-Member Mentor & Consultant, SAMADHAN



Sunny's Story

“A true story of a young man with Down’s Syndrome living in Delhi, kidnapped and came back miraculously after one whole year.”


Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education - the way ahead - an article written by Ms. Pramila Balasundaram published in the XXI issue of Learning Curve - a newsletter published by the portal - Teachers of India - an initiative of Azim Premji Foundation.

Read full article here

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